Cruises on JamJar

Catering for a capacity of 11 passengers only, JamJar is the small boat that gives you that “relaxed” feeling while cruising the waters.

JamJar is the only small boat that can cater for a variety of trips.

30 minute harbour trips (around the container terminal)

45 minute trips (all the way up to the harbour entrance)

1 hour sea cruises (epic way of being close to the water while at sea)

Scattering of ashes

Private hire for small groups, who just want to enjoy themselves.

JamJar is protected from the cold elements in the evening, with clear screens which block out the cold breeze and to ensure that you dont have to wear a jersey.

Check out the pics below and see why everyone has a “Jol” on JamJar.

Sea Cruises on Madevu

Weekends, Public Holidays and during the School Holidays is when everyone wants Maaadevu!

Our trips to the public take place every weekend at 1230, long weekends included and during the school holidays from about 1100.

If you got some time to kill and want to be seen on the BEST boat in town, then Madevu is the boat for you.

With a fully licensed bar on board, you can chill out with some great music, a drink from our options on board and enjoy the sights of Durban…and maybe see a dolphin or 2.

Find us down at Wilsons Wharf, Durban harbour, or click on the “Contact Us” link to get the directions on Google Maps.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Night time charters on JamJar

JamJar is not only popular for his daytime trips, but also the night time ones.

With his new clears fitted, winters have never been warmer on board.

Private hire for evening trips can be done at any time, subject to the weather conditions on the day.

A small breeze and a nippy night, cannot take on the warmth that you will experience onboard.

Music and a cooler box or 2 and you are a-for-away on an awesome trip.

Contact us today if you want to enjoy a small, but exciting evening trip.

Winters in Durban

Durban is know for its sunny days and warm atmosphere, but its even better when booking a private charter in the evening.

Madevu has been busy busy during this winter season, so far, with alot of Birthday parties happening on the water.

The sights and sounds on a winter evening, is the best way to celebrate those special occasions.

Pictures are below 😀

Safety is always a priority

2 weeks ago, after the busy period of long weekends, JamJar was on the sand for some TLC.

Beached on the centre bank of the harbour, he was inspected and had a good oil change and service.


Comfy and Warm JamJar

With winter on the way, a lot of people will be shy’d away from taking a boat ride..

But fear not, because JamJar has you covered, literally !

Sporting new clears from front to half way back, no matter where you are sitting, you are kept warm. Check out the photos and see why “this” small boat is the boat of choice for winter.

Busy Busy JamJar

It is a very busy time for JamJar. Rushing up and down in the harbour, he has been entertaining people with the most wonderful sights.

Being a small ferry boat, JamJar is able to get alot closer to bigger ships in the port. Giving you the opportunity to see the real size of the ships that call in Durban.

Furthermore, you get to see all the things that other boats do not see. Passenger ships, cargo ships, they are all literally within reach, when you take a trip on JamJar.

30 minute. 45 minute. 1hr sea cruises and Private trips are available.

In conclusion, contact us today and find out why JamJar, is the “sweetest” small boat out!

Final cruise of the SAGA PEARL II

The well known cruise ship, recently stopped over in Durban for the day.

Madevu had the opportunity to get up close. Offering those onboard, during a private charter to view this old graceful lady.

Most noteworthy is that the Pearl II is on her final voyage. Therefore as she arrives back in the UK, she will be retired.

Sea Cruises on Madevu

Holidays are in full swing and Madevu is busy as ever.

Public boats rides are on the go every day, including the weekends.

With Madevu becoming more popular, we have a photographer now. Capture that “perfect” pose, when you climb onboard, for a very reasonable price.

Remember that we have a fully licenced bar onboard, with prices as reasonable as ever.

In conclusion, pop down to Wilsons Wharf, book a ticket and see for yourself, why everyone chooses Madevu S.A