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Tours by Boat have restarted


With the Presidents speech last night, allowing inter-provincial travel now being permitted again, all of us here at Madevu Charters, look forward to welcoming you back onboard.

Our boats, including our newest addition to the fleet, VB, are 100% Covid-19 compliant and ready to have you onboard.

All 3 of our boats are available for:

Public Trips / Private Hire / Scatter of Ashes and all those other fun things 😀

Check out our gallery for more pictures and see why our boats are in a “Class of themselves”


VINTAGE BLUE takes to the water..


On Friday, 14 August 2020 at 3pm, VINTAGE BLUE was officially named and Christened.

She took to the water for the first time, with a few guests and WOW did she do well.

She has a capacity for 12 persons in total and brings that “Old School” feel to the water, whilst being completely renovated and upgraded.

She is available for cruises, day or night and caters for those, who are looking for a more intimate feel when cruising the waters of Durban.

Check out the pictures below and see why see is different from all the others.


We welcome VINTAGE BLUE to the fleet.


Please join us in welcoming our “Grand old Lady” VINTAGE BLUE to the Madevu Charters fleet.

She is a 12m long vintage class Sportsfisher. She has had a long career in Durban, being used as a fishing vessel for most of her career.

Just before lockdown, we acquired her and have spent the last 3 months, restoring her to her orignal look and style. She has been completely renovated inside and been given a complete repaint.

With a capacity of 12 persons in total, she joins the fleet to continue cruising the waters of Durban for those Private Cruises and Public Cruises.

She will be ready for use towards the end of August and at her graceful age, she truly is a “Sight”. She will be re-christened this week coming and we look forward to many many happy trips on her.

Due to her size, she is perfectly suited for “Social Distancing” .. Look out for her, when you travel down to the bay.


Trips on JamJar restart


With the latest Government Gazette, Tours by boat are now allowed to resume and we are happy to announce that your favorite Harbour and Sea cruise trips will be able to restart soon.

With all safety protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety, Madevu S.A and JamJar look forward to welcoming you back onboard for those “awesome” trips that you have missed.

Please note that our vessels will only carry 60% capacity to allow for Social Distancing.

Private trips are also available, should you wish to have the boat for yourself only.

We look forward to “Welcoming You back Onboard” 😀

Cya soon!

Charters restart..

Where do we start?!

With the latest Government Gazette, the Tourism minister has stated that “Guided tours by boat ” are now allowed to resume, provided strict Covid-19 Protocols are followed.

This is very exciting news, as you all might know, all our vessels have been grounded since March this year.

Despite being unable to operate the past 4 months, we did take the time to ensure that all our boats are prepared to resume operations and that measures are in place to prevent the risk of infection.

We have a solid Covid-19 “Risk Assessment” documents and have ensured that all steps are followed. Please note that we will carry 60% capacity onboard our vessels for now, as per Government regulations.

Having said that, we will be starting off with our private charters again onboard and look forward to Welcoming you again!

Weekly safety checks

Hello again..

As you all know, we are still unable to operate our vessels with passengers.

In order to ensure that when we hit the road running, all our boats will still be safety compliant and no issues onboard.

Yesterday, Madevu S.A and JamJar were out in the bay for their weekly “spins”

We look forward to having you all onboard soon and know that you cant wait!

Til then, stay safe!


Covid-19 Update


Just a quick heads up to let you all know what is happening.

Recently recreational fishing on boats was allowed again, with the sailing boat fraternity just allowed to reopen.

Unfortunately for us, we are still waiting for word as to when we can resume operations. We are constantly monitoring the situation and as soon as we hear anything, we will be posting all the information on our websites and social media platforms.

Check back often here, facebook and instagram…

Yil then, be safe out there!



Since the easing of restrictions in movement, our team has been hard at work, making use of the time do do much needed maintenance and upgrades.

This week we tackled the heavy job of sanding down all outside surfaces and then applying a fresh lick of paint.

Madevu is really starting to look like an even more beautiful vessel and you will be shocked to see the changes in her since the last time you joined us.

For those of you who will join us soon, you will see why you chose the SEXIEST boat in town!

Check out the pics below and see why Madevu S.A is the boat of choice!

Cya soon! 😀

Maintenance day for JamJar


This last week, our small like cruiser.. JamJar had some TLC done.

After a quick spin in the bay, to make sure his engines are running well after sitting for so long, it was decided to beach him and give his belly bit of a scrub.

Once he was washed down, a good polish was in order…… and we have a shiny new boat.

As is normal practice in the industry, we always have to ensure that our vessels are safety compliant and every week, we ensure they are.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook pages to see when he is ready to treat you to an awesome Harbour cruise again.


Madevu’s first move since lockdown began..


On Thursday, this last week, we moved Madevu S.A out into the bay for the first time in 3 months.

As we are constantly ensuring that, even though we are not allowed to operate, we still have a duty to ensure Safety compliance for the vessels.

Our resident skipper decided to take her out for a spin and ensure that all the mechanical parts of the vessel are still working.

Many patrons ordering take aways from the restuarants at Wilsons Wharf, where in aw to see her moving again.

Check out the Pics below…

Cya 😀